indoor air quality

Most people don’t know that the air they breath in their home, due to leaky ductwork in their  crawl spaces is the second leading cause of lung cancer behind only cigarettes. This is because of mold, mildew, and other microbials lurking in your duct work.


Indoor Air Quality Testing gives insight into contaminants in indoor air which affects the well-being of occupants. The EPA notes that excess moisture, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and radon are four major indoor air pollutants.


Breathable air that's free of health threatening pollutants can lead to a higher quality of life, lower risk of respiratory illnesses, and a reduced risk of various chronic conditions.

That's why we recommend HAVEN - your home's ultimate clean air solution for active air management.

Breathe better

HAVEN is your home's new clean air solution. Whole-home air quality management for long-term peace of mind.

  • Integrated directly into your home's HVAC system

  • Real time Air Quality score through the HAVEN IAQ app

  • Monitors & controls filtration, ventilation, humidity and airflow

  • Professional support from Surface Bella Energy Solutions - your HAVEN Pro.

The 3 pillars of iaq

Living in a home with poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can challenge your immune and respiratory system, mental health, and productivity.

Your filtration system helps capture airborne particles on a whole-home scale unlike room air purifiers, which only service one room at a time.

Proper ventilation replaces stale air with new outdoor air-removing any built up chemicals from off-gassing, and CO2 from breathing.

Humidity control creates a comfortable and safe environment while preventing mold growth and damage to your home's structure and furnishings.

The foundation of your home's air quality is airflow. Without airflow, the equipment that manages these 3 pillars can't function effectively.

How haven takes care of your air

Surface Bella installs the HAVEN Central Air Monitor and Controller alongside your home's forced air system. This innovative solution uses WiFi to add smart capabilities to your existing equipment.

The Monitor tracks several parameters with assistance from the HVAC systems airflow.

When air quality events are detected, the Controller activates your HVAC equipment automatically to increase circulation, filtration, and improve your air quality.

Carry on with your everyday activities! Breathe better, knowing HAVEN is taking care of your home's air.

This professionally installed and maintained smart system gives you peace of mind that your home's air quality is healthy, safe, and meeting the needs of your family throughout the year.


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