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Geothermal system repair

Energy Masters is committed to providing you with the best heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions for your home. Our geothermal heat pump installation, repair, and maintenance services extend to the four major types of geothermal HVAC systems:

  • Horizontal loop.

  • Vertical loop.

  • Pond/lake.

  • Open loop.

While the underground piping has no moving parts and will likely not need service for many years, the heat pump unit and thermostat require maintenance and minor repairs just like other heating and cooling systems. Some of the most common geothermal system problems include:

  • Leaks.

  • Broken or damaged fan blades.

  • Scale buildup.

  • Broken or stuck valves.

  • Motor issues.

Our experienced geothermal HVAC technicians are well-equipped to keep up with any needs that arise in a wide variety of systems.

When repair is no longer an option, trust Energy Masters to provide skilled workmanship in replacing the outdated unit. For basic HVAC systems, such as furnaces or heat pumps, any company can change them out. However, for those with geothermal heating and cooling units - it takes a geothermal expert. Let Energy Masters be your local geothermal repair expert. 

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Greenville, SC

Anderson, SC

Spartanburg, SC

And Surrounding Areas



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